Quality Improvement

The Bonnyville Primary Care Network is committed to continuous quality improvement in order to support and maintain the highest standard of patient care.

Quality improvement refers to a systematic approach to making measurable improvements that lead to better patient outcomes (health), stronger system performance (care) and enhanced professional development (learning).

The Bonnyville PCN works diligently to establish a culture of quality. Our PCN’s organization processes and procedures support our efforts to determine and prioritize potential areas for improvement. We actively look to identify and understand the ways in which our practice could improve through: examination of our patient population (e.g. to identify barriers to care, frequently diagnosed chronic conditions, or groups of high-risk patients) and our practice operations (e.g. to identify management issues, patient wait times, patient no-show rates, or poor communication). We routinely collect data and analyze the implications. This data helps us understand how well our systems work, identify potential areas for improvement, set measurable goals, and monitor the effectiveness of any change implemented.

The Bonnyville PCN’s goal is to create a high-functioning practice which strives to continually improve performance, revisit the effectiveness of interventions, and regularly solicit patient and staff feedback.

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