Foot Care Clinic

Foot Care is only for high risk patients with:
  • Diabetes;
  • Vascular or Arterial disease;
  • Foot deformities;
  • Anti coagulation therapy;
    that require basic foot care.

Basic foot care addresses nail care, and treatments of callouses, corns and fissures.


Foot Care Clinic Location:
  • Bonnyville Medical Clinic, 4610 50 Street.
  • 1-3 days per month.
  • Nurse providers – Penny, Flynn and Taylor.
    NOTE:  The Foot Care Clinic does not replace current Home Care services for dressing changes, it is also NOT a wound care clinic.
To Access the Foot Care Clinic:
  • Physician referral only.
For more information contact:
  • Bookings 780-826-3346;
  • or speak to your Physician.