Did you know? February – Well Women Clinics

Did you know?

The Bonnyville Primary Care Network (BVPCN) provides many services to the community. Two of our programs are the Well Woman Clinic and the Bonnyville Obstetrics Clinic (OB Clinic). These programs are available for all patients in the Lakeland area.

Well Woman Clinic is open to all women and teens. Our female family physicians and nurse practitioners will see you for women’s health issues.
These include:
⮚ Pap testing (cervical cancer screening)
⮚ Sexually transmitted infection (STI) test and treatment
⮚ Breast exams
⮚ Birth control prescriptions
⮚ IntraUterine Device (IUD) insertion
⮚ Birth control implants

The OB Clinic is available to patients in the Lakeland area. The team includes: 2 family physicians, Dr Tharine Van Deventer and Dr Teresa Watson, Obstetrician Dr Alina Kaznacheyeva, Midwife Sandy Pullin (April 2021). Registered Nurse Gisele Gagne, who provides continuity to our patients and support to our team. Medical Office Assistant, Brenda Bauer is always there to book your appointments and support the team. Our OB team is here to help families with:
⮚ Preconception counselling
⮚ Early pregnancy visits
⮚ Routine prenatal care from 10 weeks until delivery
⮚ Genetic Screening blood collection (Invitae)
⮚ Post partum care for mom and baby
⮚ Breast feeding support.
⮚ Tongue tie release

For more information visit bonnyvillepcn.ca or call 780.826.3346 extension 214 (for OB Clinic) or extension 209 (for Well Woman Clinic) to book your appointment.