Primary Care Providers

The BVPCN Family Physicians work closely with our Family Practice Nurses to manage their own patient panels. They also work closely with other health professions in order to provide the most comprehensive care and management as well as ensure continuity of care throughout the patient journey.  Family Physicians diagnose, treat and manage acute and chronic diseases, order and interpret labs and diagnostic tests and prescribe medications for patients from childhood to adulthood.

Family Medicine Physicians

  • Dr. Jonathan Barnard
  • Dr. Alex Botha
  • Dr. Joël Cadrin
  • Dr. Kelly Cardeano
  • Dr. Leonard De Freitas
  • Dr. Maria (Magda) du Toit
  • Dr. Ahmed Elfoghhi
  • Dr. Cornis Fouché
  • Dr. Dean Hanson
  • Dr. Jacobus Muller
  • Dr. Kim Stausebach
  • Dr. Stefan Steyn
  • Dr. Tharine van Deventer
  • Dr. Theresa Watson
  • Dr. Travis Webster
  • Dr. Kai-ting (Kate) Yang

Specialty Medicine – by referral only

  • Internal Medicine: Dr. Edwards Ndovi
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology: Dr. Alina Kaznacheyeva

Nurse Practitioners

  • Chantal Vallee
  • Mary Obstfeld
  • Robin Johnson

Affiliated Health Professionals

  • Dr. Amelia du Preez
  • Dr. Cecile Lavoie

We have a shared waiting list for patients needing a Primary Care Provider.  Patients are booked with a new Primary Care Provider in the order they are placed on the list.  Priority is given to patients in our catchment area.  Please see our FAQ page for a list of communities included in our catchment area.

Contact the Bonnyville Medical at 780.826.3346 to be put on the waiting list.